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3.22.2018 Broadway Merchants

Meeting Notes

Easter Egg Hunt: Our 1st Annual Easter Egg Hunt will take place on April 4th at 2:30pm in the Playground Area of PS274 (a flier has been attached to advertise the event). Attendees decided to host it on Friday April 6th as opposed to April 1st as many families will be busy during that date. However, many of the people committed to make this event occur will not be available on April 6th so our event was moved up to accommodate these merchants and orgs.

The following materials/items will be needed in preparation for the event:

– 500 hollow eggs

– 400 egg collecting bags/baskets

– 100 water bottles and 10 twelve-fluid oz juices (with cups)

– Chalk; face paint; hula hoops, potato sacks and eggs (to play an egg or potato sack race)

– A dozen balloons

– Camera and photographer to have kids take pic w/ Easter Bunny

** Any and all donations are appreciated and if you would like to do so for this event please contact Egaudy Gomez or Boris Santos**

1st Annual Block Festivals: We will be hosting two block parties in the Summer; one to take place in July (date will be announced as the original date has to be rescheduled) and the other on September 1st. The 1st Block Festival will emphasize personal and mental health as we begin the summer and want to do so by offering as many health-related resources and forms of entertainment as possible. The 2nd Block Festival will be used to help get our Bushwick and Bedstuy students get ready for the 2018-2019 School Year.

Currently, we are taking any ideas that merchants, residents, and organizational members want to see take please during the Block Festival. Egaudy and I will be taking in ideas for the July Block Festival up until July 1st, 2018. Also, we plan on accepting ideas for the September Block Festival until August 15th, 2018. We have attached a list of orgs that have signed up to table and/or do some fun-filled activity along the corridor. Below is a list of ideas that were shared with us during the March meeting:

– Should include water dunk tanks (at each end of festival; police officers to be dunked)

– Zumba and Yoga should take place on artificial turf

– Whiffle ball game in PS274 schoolyard

– Food eating contest of some sort (cannoli?) – sponsored by merchants

– Smoothies or only healthy food options (provided from Mr. Kiwis or Buntopia?) should be offered during July (Health-Related) Festival

– Create Mural to commemorate the Block Party during days of Festival (can begin creating the mural during 1st festival and then eventually finish – doesn’t have to happen during same day)

– Porto potties?

– Contact fitness centers on Broadway to sponsor fitness events for July Festival

– Reach out to Boar’s Head Ham for Sponsorship

– Tabling/Information on Hydroponics or fresh farm growing methodologies (something RiseBoro can be present for)

– Kriss – Reach out to him to invite bands and other musicians to perform

– Attend and make outreach to organizers of “Bushwick Making Children Important” meetings that take place every third Tuesday at the Bushwick Library-Dekalb Av. Branch.

Outstanding Issues/Updates:

– Attendees voiced their preference for a specific website template that they want to use to help promote the Broadway Merchants. For more information on this please reach out to Egaudy.